Wi-Fi Terms Specific to Verizon’s 5G test Network

Verizon Wireless (Cellco Partnership) is pleased to provide use of Verizon’s 5G test network (the “5G Network”), subject to the following terms and conditions in addition to the terms and conditions applicable to  your use of Alley-provided wifi.

  • Use - Use of the 5G Network is provided by Verizon free of charge.  You are responsible for any costs associated with devices you need to access or utilize the 5G Network and for any charges to third-parties you incur through your activities over the 5G Network.
  • Confidentiality- You agree to keep all information regarding the Verizon’s 5G test Network and any equipment providing the internet service (“Equipment”) strictly confidential.  For example, you agree to keep the fact that you have been granted access to the 5G –test Network confidential, not to discuss any aspect of it with any media, and not to blog or tweet or make social-media postings about it; not to post or disseminate pictures of the Equipment; and not to post, discuss, or otherwise publish or distribute any information, explanations, depictions, or other descriptions of any aspect of the Verizon’s 5G test Network or Equipment, your use of it, or the features, functions, attributes, or performance of the Verizon’s 5G test Network or Equipment.
  • Feedback - You agree to provide Verizon and Alley feedback regarding the Verizon’s 5G test Network and Equipment, your use of it, and its ability to support your activities.You agree to provide feedback to the network provider [Alley (?)] regarding the Verizon’s 5G test Network and Equipment, your use of it, and its ability to support your activities.  Feedback provided by you will be property of Verizon and may be used by Verizon to improve and develop Verizon’s 5G test Network or service offerings. Verizon shall own all intellectual property rights in feedback and Verizon products and services including the 5G test Network and Equipment.  Feedback shall be deemed Verizon Confidential Information.
  • Operations and Connectivity Regarding 5G Test Network – Verizon’s 5G test Network does not provide data encryption, security, firewall, anti-virus or any other such features or functionality.  You are solely responsible for maintaining the security of your device(s) and data, including without limitation, encryption of your data.  The 5G test Network may not always be operational.  Service on the 5G test Network may be suspended or interrupted without notice.  Do not utilize the 5G test Network for time sensitive activities (like trading in securities) or unattended activity (like long, unattended file transfers).
  • Network Monitoring – Verizon’s 5G test Network is monitored by Verizon and it collects data such as the date and time of communications, the source and destination network addresses (IP addresses, MAC addresses), URLs, the size of the communications, the network protocol being used, the domain name of servers to whom the communications are directed, and other such network, routing and performance related data.  Verizon uses this data to monitor and maintain Verizon’s 5G test Network, to evaluate and improve it.

Currently you are accessing Verizon’s 5G test network. By signing this Agreement you represent that:

If you do not agree to the terms below you may not use Verizon's 5G Test Network.

Thank you for reviewing and agreeing with our Terms of Service.
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