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Beeline Reader
Evros Global
Work Wider
Baja AI
Praxis Lab

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Alex Khalin
Alex Khalin
Jason Saltzman
Galina Ozgur
Galina Ozgur


This is an opportunity to sit down with
Jason Saltzman serial entrepreneur and Managing Director of Alley Ventures for an hour of advisement and guidance.
Stacklist curates live talks with founders & partners. With this membership gain access to 20+ private talks a month with documented insights and takeaways from each panel.
Winner will be interviewed for and have a feature highlighting their work along with a social media campaign and newsletter segment.
Top winners will be asked to join us as special guests in our Tech For Good Verizon 5G Labs series on August 27th, attended by Verizon and Alley's networks.

Tech For Good

  • Beeline Reader - Their mission is to rethink how we read on screen to optimize for cognitive efficiency and disability inclusion, so that more people can be more productive than ever. They help people with reading challenges reach their full potential, and in doing so unlock the power of their creativity and ingenuity for the benefit of all humanity.
  • Evros Global - Helping refugees with remote job skills and contracts. Remote work is the future and it is good for workers, companies and the society. Refugee crisis is the biggest immigration crisis since WW2.
  • Work Wider - Work Wider allows candidates to show up as their full selves and connects them with companies committed to hiring them. Our mission: To change the way companies work by making diverse teams a reality. Now more than ever we see Work Wider playing a crucial role in how the world works!
  • Blissen - Blissen wants to change the narrative on aging in the workforce. They want to build an empowerment movement for adults over 50 to leverage their skills and experiences, find purpose and generate a source of income through entrepreneurship. We want to turn the negative stereotype of aging as a burden on its head: through entrepreneurship people over 50 remain engaged and stay healthier, thereby making fewer demands on social service and entitlement programs.
  • Organiz - Their mission is to change culture to center the marginalized. They do this by enabling movement and political organizers to run efficient, safe digital campaigns that have outsized impact.
  • Baja AI - Their mission is to make commuting faster, fun, and convenient by offering better solution than cars. Even if every car in the world suddenly turns into EV today, it is not enough to avert the climate catastrophe. They are doing what will have the greatest impact in fighting climate change.
  • Praxis Lab - Praxis Labs is creating a more inclusive world where everyone feels they belong by upskilling workforces on how to better work across differences. They provide immersive learning experiences that help increase empathy, reduce bias, and create sustained behavior change for individuals and organizations.
  • MixClass - The company's mission is to promote mental well-being in an increasingly stressful and lonely world. MixClass will change the future by addressing mental health in a creative way i.e. through fun classes that are welcoming.
  • kegg - kegg is a women's health company on a mission to empower women to take full control of their fertility through body literacy. They're taking the guesswork out of fertility tracking while demystifying the most accurate way to assess a woman’s fertile window
  • inCare - They exist to provide accessible and effective support to people who live with neurological differences (autism, brain trauma and mood disorders). Their mission is to offer an affordable mental health care service that empowers these individuals to manage their wellbeing on their own terms.
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