As an entrepreneur, Vikki Le hopes to change the way Trans communities are represented in society and to each other. Many brands and companies come out in support of LGTBQ + rights but the reality in the workplace is very different. 

"There are so many organizations who say they are pro this and pro that, but then their employees don't have the same mentality." 

Trans people are three times as likely to be unemployed, according to a 2015 U.S. Transgender Survey, they have to face invasive questions when transitioning while employed, and face increased harassment at the workplace.

Vikki shares lessons learned and experiences while building their successful career, and the importance of creating a welcoming space. Being the first Trans individual in the position of Business Manager at Charlotte Tilbury, Vikki represents an opportunity to other Trans individuals, and encouragement to employers to seek the talent they are missing out on.  

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