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Verizon 5G

Verizon Hosts Its First 5G Mobile Gaming Hackathon

Alley Team
Alley Team
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Verizon (YouTube)

What would the mobile gaming experience be if developers had no limits?  At Verizon's 5G lab at Alley, we wanted to find out. We invited twenty New York-area game developers to a hackathon on the 5G network. Teams consisted of independent and AAA-level game developers. The teams were given 2 pieces of direction, develop a game that could be played on the 5G network and throw out the rulebook. They had 3-days to re-think and re-design the mobile user experience.

We asked developers to reimagine the user experience to create a game like no other, disrupting the expectations they had of mobile gaming. We told the teams to challenge the limits of the 5G network, to try to break the network. For the developers, they were excited to create a gaming experience unburdened by platform restraints and to test out new technology that was not yet available to the public.

To see how the Verizon 5G network is changing the future of gaming, watch the video above.

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