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Uber Insights: A Fishy Career Path

Jim Stern
Rideshare Life Coach & Blogger
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Jersey Roots

Lynn seemed to be my match when it comes to the gift of gab, so naturally, this was a dangerous situation.  I soon discovered that she was a Jersey girl to boot.  I am a Jersey boy, so what’s not to like about that?  I seem to really like people I meet from Jersey that escaped the Garden State!  Jersey actually gets a bad rap. I have worked for two companies located there and I grew up on the Jersey Shore with Springsteen who performed at my high school, and I went to school with his wife Patty who was best friends with my high school girlfriend. But I digress!

Lynn mentioned she was loving Boston but said she has no friends up here.  I wrote a piece a while back called New Job, New City...No Friends, so I was curious how she dealt with that situation.  She mentioned it was no biggie and actually went to a dating site called Bumble.  I asked, “How does that work?”  Lynn mentioned that you go to Bumble BFF and you can then discover friends that match with your interests.  I thought that was a great solution and apparently it worked because Lynn told me she now has no room for any new friends!

Penguins to Zebras

As I headed to the capital of the Bio-Tech world to drop off Lynn. She's a Marine Biologist and used to work at the New England Aquarium taking care of the penguins which sounded like a full-time job; have you seen those little guys?  Lynn wanted more out of her career, so she ended up getting a job at a Pharma company taking care of the Zebra fish.

If you are like me, you are probably wondering...Zebra fish?  First off,  I can tell you they are really beautiful and quite colorful fish.  As I dug in further I learned that Zebra fish have a lot in common with humans and are excellent for new human drug discovery.  Who knew marine biology would find its way into corporate America? Lynn said she will probably head back to graduate school in a few years and then go into research.


One never knows where life will lead us and our career paths can take some interesting routes and following one’s passion through work usually works out quite well.  In Lynn’s case, her career path although a bit fishy appears to be going swimmingly well.  :)  [Sorry, I couldn’t help myself!]

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