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Top 10 CRMS for Startups

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You’ve done the dirty work getting your startup going.

However, the key to a successful startup isn’t just in the foundation—it’s catering to your clients and customers—having them at the top priority. After all, they’re the ones helping you bring in the revenue your business needs (and craves).

Although you might be well-acquainted with the managerial process of running a business, you might not know which CRM software to put at the foundation of your customer satisfaction.

Why do you need CRM in a successful startup? A powerful CRM software can help you invest in the collection of your customers’ or clients’ valuable insights to help your business thrive.

A powerful CRM software can:

1. Send you analytic reports that can help you keep track of your business in real-time. You can then use this data to make important business decisions.

2. Help you keep your customers and clients. When you understand their needs and feedback better, you can connect with your client better—helping you keep them on with your team.

3. Help your business grow. With all this data at your fingertips, you can then make profitable decisions to help you and your company expand and move forward.

However, these benefits will only come with not only the investment in a CRM—but the choice in the right one. To help you make a decision, here are our top 10 choices:

1. Hubspot:

With starting prices from free to only about $50 per month, this conveniently budgeted software is perfect for small businesses. With its automation software geared toward marketing solutions, Hubspot is compatible with a broad range of systems, from Windows to Android, from iOS to Mac to the web.

Hubspot focuses on helping sales- and client-centered businesses who need help managing that relationship.

It uses a platform to help you keep track of leads, business metrics, deals, and new contacts—as well as their most recent activity. n and recording of daily sales calls to manage them efficiently

2. Zoho CRM:

For your Startup, you want a well-rounded CRM with an easy-to-learn yet complex user-interface, as well as a clutter-free look. Zoho only runs your company around $12 per month to help you facilitate multi-channel support. You can connect with your customer or client in more ways than one—from phone to social media to e-mail—and keep track of their relationship with you.

3. Freshsales:

Starting also at $12 per month, this Android, iOS, and web-capable software can help you simplify the CRM process. This can help your business manage leads and optimize sales.

If you’re looking for help with sales campaigns and interactive pipeline management, Freshsales helps give you a clean perspective.

4. Agile CRM:

At less than $15 a month, you can help integrate your marketing and sales data as well as bring your team together under one program.

Powered by a strong built-in marketing automation system, you can engage prospects through various channels, a market without spending extra on other platforms, and manage up to 1,000 contacts at once.

5. Insightly:

A little pricier, the $29/month can help you expand your small startup company. Through record linking functionality, you can communicate through an easy-to-use platform.

You can program Insightly to automatically send email alerts, update records, and visualize data and measure progress over time.

6. NetHunt CRM:

Staring at a free baseline to as little as $30 a month, NetHunt comes designed with slick aesthetics fit for a modern business.

You can rely on NetHunt to keep control and track of accounts, backlogs, transaction histories, and other aspects as simple as contact and customer management.

7.  Nimble:

With an affordable rate of $19 per month, you can connect with your customers on one platform that also gives you access to data in real-time—from your contacts to sales, from communication to your business intelligence.

On one dashboard, you’ll have access to your business sales, appointments, and closing sales insights.

8. Pipedrive:

Starting a low, low price of only $12.50 per month—something you barely have to think about, Pipedrive has been apart of the foundation of over 80,000+ companies worldwide.

They place customer relationship management and sales management at their focus, helping you not only forecast sales but also improve productivity as a company.

9. Copper:

Integration and transition don’t have to be difficult with Copper CRM software, which allows you to easily add the chrome extension of the software and connects you to your inbox directly.

At just $19 per month, you can effectively streamline your sales processes, e-mails, docs, and lead management to convert potential leads into customers.

10. Streak:

Connecting you directly to your Gmail account, this platform bypasses software or desktop apps. You can effectively schedule and track messages, as well as manage contacts and deals directly from Gmail.

The price is free up to $49 per month.

Although these plans are not the only ones on the market, they are great (and cost-effective) choices to help you get your Startup off the ground and into success.

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