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The Guide to Yahoo Small Business Tools

Samantha Intagliata
Director of Marketing and Communications
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All You Need To Know

Today, small businesses are looking for the best way to grow their business, enhance brand awareness, and increase online visibility. Yahoo Small Business Tools offer an excellent way for these small businesses to promote their brand, build and grow their business.

Furthermore, these business tools were built to help small businesses become more professional online. From building a website to finding a domain, web hosting to selling online, business mail, and so forth, every business can leverage on the Yahoo Small Business Tools.

Are you just hearing about the Yahoo Small Business Tools for the first time or you are yet to try it out? Continue reading to discover more about how your business can benefit from using this amazing small business tools.

Build a Website

Every business needs a website. One of the first place potential customers will turn to in order to learn about your business is your website. The Yahoo Small Business Tools feature an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop website building tool. You can choose from over 150 themes, personalize your website, and publish. Within minutes, you can build a website or your business. This way, you can save the cost of hiring a professional website designer.

Create Your Store or Sell Online

Does your business involve selling products online? The Yahoo Small Business Tools also feature ecommerce solutions for businesses that sell products online. The ecommerce solution comes with basic features of every online store, including inventory management, shipping integration, credit card processing, live insights, and so forth. The ecommerce solution also features various apps to help grow your business. If you need to create an ecommerce store, the Yahoo Small Business Tools have everything you need to get started.

Find a Domain

Getting your business online is very important, so is getting the right domain name for your business website. A unique domain name will give you the needed edge over your competitors. The Yahoo Small Business Tools offer you the opportunity to choose from a huge selection of domain extensions with the most competitive prices in the industry. The best part, you get a free website and email when you register your domain. What are you still waiting for?

Host Your Website

Furthermore, the Yahoo Small Business Tools offer small business owners the opportunity to host their website at a budget-friendly cost. All websites will be hosted on the company’s servers. The hosting system also features various site building tools, WordPress tools, and so forth. Different hosting plans exist for businesses to choose from. No matter your needs or budget, there is a hosting plan that suits your business.

Get a Business Mail

Small and medium businesses that are serious about their business and what they provide set themselves apart from spammers by adopting professional business e-mail address. Rather than using free email address, a business email that uses your domain name will help increase your credibility. For as low as $1.19 per month, you can set up a professional business e-mail address using the Yahoo Small Business Tools. This is just the ideal way to reflect the authenticity of your business.

Get Listed

Also, the Yahoo Small Business Tools help you take control of your business listings and be found on more than 60 local directories, including search engines, maps, online listings, voice search and so forth. Using the tools, you can also update your business information across search engines, maps, online listings, social networks, and more. Everything will be done from a single dashboard. With the Yahoo Small Business Tools, you can enhance your listing and help potential customers near you find your business.

There you have it! Above are some ways that the Yahoo Small Business Tools can help build and grow your business. As a small business, your goal is to increase awareness about your business, products, and services, and reach target customers, at the least possible cost. By taking advantage of various features in the Yahoo Small Business Tools including website building tools, website hosting, domain, online store, local listing, professional business e-mail, and so forth, you can build and grow their business.

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