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The Difference Between Satellite Offices and Dedicated Desks

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Multiple Dedicated Desks at a Coworking Space

Whether you’re a small business owner or an entrepreneur,growing your business requires innovation, creativity, and resources - and those resources need space. Depending on your goals for the coming year, you may be wondering what type of office space is best suited to your needs. For fast-growing businesses and startups, you have a few options. Two of these are satellite offices and dedicated desks. 

What is a satellite office? 

A satellite office (also called a “branch office”) that is a dedicated, private office space that is also part of a larger company or conglomerate. Satellite offices serve several purposes. For starters, they provide more desk space for growing teams. Secondly, they allow businesses to break ground in new geographic areas. 

At a glance, you might think satellite offices are best suited to businesses that serve customers in specific cities / geographic areas, such as doctors, dentists, tutoring companies, etc. In reality, branch offices are important for businesses in the tech and start-up spaces as well -even if your customer reach isn’t defined only by the physical location of your business. 

Benefits of Opening a Satellite Office

Satellite offices come with many benefits, for you and your team. Here are ways opening a satellite office in a new area can help you expand your reach and improve your growth plan: 

●   Help you get more customers in a new location (especially if face-time with customers is important to your business) 

●   Make it easier for you to retain more talent from other cities, states, or countries 

●   Reduce commuting time for your employees and improve their experience working for you 

●   Help you network with other professionals in new areas by expanding your availability to meet new people 

What is a Dedicated Desk? 

A dedicated desk is - simply put - a desk in a co-working space that is completely dedicated to you and/or your team. In co-working environments, you can work from dedicated desks or shared “hot” desks. The difference between the two is pretty simple: shared desks can be used by anyone; dedicated desks are reserved just for you. 

Benefits of Dedicated Desks 

Dedicated desks come with many of the same benefits as private offices. You can expand your business and talent reach without signing on to a long-term rental agreement with a pricey commercial property. 

Additionally, dedicated desks can have greater flexibility that private, satellite offices. Need one desk for a remote employee? Great.Need three desks in the same location for a small, collaborative  team?Dedicated desk space can accommodate this as well. By using dedicated desks,you can guarantee that several remote team members have the added benefit of sitting near each other. 

●   Dedicated desks allow you to quickly and easily customize how much space you need in your branch 

●   Using a dedicated desk can save your company money compared to signing a long-term lease for a separate commercial property 

●   In co-working spaces,dedicated desks allow your team to collaborate and network with other like-minded professionals around them 

Choosing Between a Satellite Office and Dedicated Desks  

Satellite offices are a great option for businesses that need more space in a new city or geographic area. If you’re looking to draw recruits from a specific talent pool or dedicate a new team to a specific area,a satellite office can help you do this. 

Additionally, you don’t need to sign a long-term, hefty lease in order to open a satellite office. Many co-working spaces, including Alley, offer dedicated office spaces for businesses like yours looking to grow in new areas.  

In fact, opening a branch office in a co-working space can be simpler and less expensive than signing a five-year lease for a new business location, making it easy for you to expand your company’s presence, networking,and talent pool. 

On the flip side, renting out a private office isn’t for everyone. Not every business is ready to seek out a dedicated, private office space - even if they are looking to open a branch in a new area. 

For those companies, renting a dedicated desk might be a better option. 

If you want to open an office or hire staff in a new area but aren’t ready to commit to full-fledged satellite office yet, dedicated desks may be the answer. Additionally, a dedicated desk may be the economically savvy answer for startups that don’t need an entire suite or private office just yet. 

Like many co-working spaces, the dedicated desks and office sat Alley comes with all the perks and benefits you need - such as community management, snacks, coffee, and endless opportunities to network. 

Choosing the Best Location for Your New Office Space 

Whether you’re looking to expand via dedicated desk space or a satellite office, choosing the right location is paramount to the success of your business’ growth. Here are a few factors to consider when choosing where you want to grow, geographically speaking: 

  1. Proximity to new clients and markets 
  2. Address / geographic “reputation” 
  3. Networking opportunities 
  4. Proximity to pools of new talent 
  5. Geographic relationship to current / potential customers 

At Alley, we have office spaces in Chelsea (New York), Cambridge (Massachusetts), and Washington DC. To learn more about our co-working spaces and how Alley can help you grow your startup through dedicated desk space or a satellite office, get in touch with a member of our team today.

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