Are you struggling with a mountain of tasks and no time to do them? Would you like to learn productivity methods without poring through books and online courses?

We understand your frustration, so we’ve gathered some of the best productivity podcasts and playlists to jumpstart your progress. You can listen to these productivity podcasts or playlists on your computer, in your car, or you can download apps to your phone or tablet.

Podcasts for Productivity

Podcasts are broken into episodes and are audio-only. They’re designed to provide information on-the-go. To listen, you can download apps such as Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Pandora, and others.

The 5 AM Miracle

The 5 AM Miracle is a weekly podcast hosted by Jeff Sanders. This productivity podcasts is “dedicated to dominating your day before breakfast” by inspiring you to jump out of bed with enthusiasm. You can find tips to maximize your morning routine, live healthily, and reach your highest goals.

Most episodes include interviews with influential people.

If you don’t want to listen to hundreds of podcasts, you can find a cherry-picked list of Jeff’s best episodes at

Beyond the To-Do List

Erik Fisher, the host of Beyond the To-Do List, discusses real productivity tips with real people. Through these conversations, Erik's productivity podcast teaches you strategies to choose the most useful tasks, projects, and goals so you can improve your personal and professional life.

The best part? Erik doesn't gloss over failure. His guests talk about their daily shortcomings and successes. With real discussions, Erik’s podcast offers motivation to keep you on track.

Enjoy learning to fail gently, keep trying, and succeed at

Podcasts for Entrepreneurs and Startups

The Tim Ferriss Show

Tim Ferriss is widely-known for his bestselling book, The 4-Hour Work Week, which is a map to get you out of your 9 to 5 life and into your 24-hour life.

The Tim Ferriss Show focuses on deconstructing world-class performers and regularly ranks #1 of all podcasts. This show was the first podcast to reach 100 million downloads and, currently, has been downloaded 300 million times.

Episodes cover many topics on productivity and feature high achievers from various fields. In the past, Neil Gaiman, Tony Robbins, LeBron James, Jamie Foxx, and many others have offered their tips for success, favorite books, exercise habits, and morning routines.

To boost your productivity and reach your highest potential, head to

How I Built This

Designed for entrepreneurs, Guy Raz's weekly podcast, How I Built This, covers the behind-the-scenes stories of well-known companies.

Highly successful entrepreneurs such as Richard Branson, Whitney Wolfe, John Foley, Jen Rubio, and many more, discuss how they started their businesses, grew them to massive empires, and offer strategies so you can, too.

To kick your business into high gear, take a listen at


There are many apps you can download to listen to playlists, but, currently, the reigning champ is Spotify. Whether you work in an office or from the comfort of your home, the right music can boost your productivity. For each person, the perfect music can change, so spend some time looking for the tunes that get you fired up.

Here are several playlists to help you achieve the productivity you want.

Playlists for Productivity

Classical Music (“Focus Now” or “Classical Music for Metalheads”)

Many scientific studies have shown that classical music can enhance your reasoning abilities and reading comprehension. This is good to know because those problem-laden emails won't read themselves.

“Focus Now” is an amazing playlist on Spotify that features classical songs ranging from a few minutes to 15 minutes.

“Classical Music for Metalheads” provides exciting classical songs if you need some pick-me-up music. Unlike many other songs, classical music has no vocals. Pure instrumental music can help you get into a deep zone of concentration.

Mellow Tunes (“Jam Bands”)

Featuring songs of a longer length, “Jam Bands” is a playlist filled with mellow songs that easily fade into the background. If you are having a particularly trying day or working on an uninspiring project, these songs can help you enjoy the long hours left.

Breathe, relax, and carry on!

Childhood Tunes (Disney Classics)

There’s little like transporting yourself back to those carefree days of your youth. As you reach the last vestiges of your workday or push through sleepiness to make an approaching deadline, these jams will increase your resolve.

Whether you’re a Hercules or Mulan fan, Disney's upbeat, catchy tunes can help you get more done in less time.

And, if an issue comes up and you have to stay later, just knowing that you remembered all of the lyrics can boost your mood. Disney did not skimp on the lyrics.

Video Game Soundtracks (“Total Dedication”)

Whether you’re a hardcore gamer or you have never touched a video game, the soundtracks created for gameplay may improve your productivity.

The secret to choosing the correct video game music, according to Emmy Jonassen, HubSpot’s Director of Marketing Acquisition, is to find the perfect combination of sounds that are motivating rather than distracting.

While video games are thought to be mindless activities, they actually require a significant amount of focus. To win these games, players must solve hundreds of puzzles, react to obstacles within a small time frame, and make quick logical choices.

Video game creators know that high levels of focus are needed, so they spend lots of time designing the perfect blend of background noise to keep the player motivated and focused.

“Total Dedication” may be an excellent playlist for those days when your focus needs to be powered on.

Playlists and Songs for Entrepreneurs

Growing a business is hard. It involves long hours, grit, failure, success, and the sheer faith that it’s all worth it. Entrepreneurs, like yourself, jump and create your airplane as you fall. Here are the playlists and songs recommended by other business owners. If you can’t find a suitable playlist, you’ll just have to build your own.

Playlist (“Songs for Entrepreneurs”)

Featuring songs like “Express Yourself” by Charles Wright and the Watts, and “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction,” by The Rolling Stones, “Songs for Entrepreneurs” is a fantastic playlist for your hardest days and highest successes.

Dave Rusenko, Former CEO of Weebly

Dave Rusenko built and grew the easy-to-use website-building platform, Weebly, over 12 years. As of 2018, he sold it to Square for a whopping $365 million, but during the long startup phase, Dave listened to the following songs to stay focused and motivated:

“This Must be the Place” by Talking Heads

For Dave, this song relaxed him and boosted his confidence.

“Not Too Late” by Lemaitre

After Dave had a hard day, he would put on “Not Too Late.” He said that this song evoked the motivation and perseverance needed to thrive as an entrepreneur.

Mike Rowe, Dirty Jobs

Gracing our TVs with the dirtiest jobs in the world, Mike Rowe has become a household name. At eighteen, he first heard “Feeling Stronger Every Day” by Chicago. At that time, he was driving well over the speed limit, which proves that he’s a man who learns his lessons and that he was always a daredevil.

Tony Robbins, Life Coach and Author

Tony Robbins strikes a large presence on the stage, both in passion and style. His motivational talks pull in millions of people who may be feeling stuck in their lives or careers. With his guidance, many people learn to grow and discover the life they want.

Tony’s workshops often feature the music of a specially designed playlist titled, “Unleash the Power Within.” Tony stated that this is also the playlist he uses during his morning routine.

Filled with an eclectic song list, “Unleash the Power Within” is a great playlist for anyone looking to level up in their life.

Final Thoughts

These podcasts and playlists were created to help you start living now. Using your time wisely allows nearly unlimited freedom. After you have finished what you need to do, you can spend your time doing what you want to do.

Living on a delayed-life plan is the typical pattern, but it doesn’t have to be. You don’t have to start your life after you’ve worked through your youth. You can start living now by taking control of your time, managing your to-do-lists, and crushing your goals.

Inspirational words, life hacks, and music have a profound effect on our moods, motivation, and confidence. So, whether you’re inspired by tough love, gentle words, hard rock or the softest flute music, try some of these suggestions and spend your days making progress.