With smartphones at the tip of our fingertips, we hold not only knowledge in our hands—but a whole world full of opportunities to help your business and your own productivity.

With a huge range of productivity apps available, you can increase productivity as easily as downloading an app on your phone.

To help you pick out the most profitable, cost-effective, and successful productivity apps, here’s a list of our favorites:

1. Slack

2. Trello

3. ToDoist

4. HelloSign

5. Toggle

Although these are not all the productive apps available on the market, they each offer unique services at convenient prices. From as cheap as free versions to as most as $13 a month, these apps can help you manage tasks, communicate with your team under one platform, help you stay on top of your tasks through an interactive to-do list or even conveniently sign and collect electronic docs, signatures, and time-track—all at the convenience of your fingertips.

So whether you’re downloading them on your phone or connecting them to your computer, these apps can definitely help you lead a more productive lifestyle, whether it’s through your business team, sports team, organization or even on your own.

Most of the apps on this list have free trial versions or free basic versions—so it doesn’t hurt to download and try each out for yourself or your team to find out which ones you really find effective—and help you get more productive:

Here are our top 5 apps for productivity:

1. Slack:

To help you connect with your co-workers and increase productivity by placing everything you need for your business in one platform, Slack is free for businesses or can cost up to $12.50 per month.

Working in collaboration with Google Drive, Dropbox, and SalesForce, you can also have access to adding documents directly on chats, group messages, video chats, and other channels.

This communication app makes collaboration easy and effortless, organizable and searchable.

2. Trello:

Not only to help you get control of your communication channels, but Trello can also be your space to manage projects with your whole team.

Through the distribution of task management, you can use this on your own or with your entire team. Trello is free to use but can be sold with its premium plan that starts at $9.99 a month.

3. ToDoist:

If you’re someone who likes ticking off boxes of your to-do list, this app can help you take control over that list—at your fingertips.

Not only does it help you organize all your tasks in one place, but it also interprets and categorizes  the tasks at the tap of your finger.

ToDoist has free membership possibilities, as well as plans costing only $36 a year ($3 a month) or $60 a year for full-featured access for your entire team.

4. HelloSign:

Tired of the whole process of downloading, printing, signing, scanning, and then sending something back—before your work even begins?   Well, HelloSign is an easy-to-download app that can help you sign documents with a swipe of your finger. This business-approved app gives you the opportunity to sign your docs electronically and legally bind yourself to a contract without having to go through the haggle of the previous processes.

The app also keeps track of your contracts, docs, and signatures, in one place.

The app is free for limited use or can be downloaded with an upgraded version for as little as $13 a month.

5. Toggl:

Whether you’re working from home on a project that you should be getting paid hourly or are a boss of a ton of hourly-paid freelancers, Toggl can help you keep track of all those hours through its productivity features.

This time tracker app offers detailed reports at the end of every project. This can help you accurately bill clients or keep track of what you’re working on and analyze it for later use, which can help you rearrange your productivity and see what you’re really spending your time on.

Toggl can be free when downloading the basic version or start with versions costing $9 per month.

Apps for Productivity

These apps aren’t the only ones out there that can help you stay on task and lead more productive lives.

The word “productivity” can mean so many things to so many different people. Whether you want to be productive at work, making money or even throughout your day, staying on task is a number one priority—whatever the task may be.

So whether you’re trying to count your hours as a freelancer to send to your client or if you want to reduce screen time to manage your job more effectively, these apps can help you stay on track to your goals—whatever they may be!