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The 9 Most Essential Chrome Extensions & Add-ons

Samantha Intagliata
Director of Marketing and Communications
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Google Chrome is one of the most commonly used web browsers in the world, and for good reason. Not only does it boast a sleek, easy to navigate user interface but also supports password-free login, web developer tools, and a plethora of chrome extensions built to increase productivity and make your life easier.

How to manage your Chrome extensions & Add-ons

Adding and installing chrome extensions is easy. Simply visit Google's Chrome store and start shopping. (Don’t worry; most of them are free!) You can also search for specific types of extensions, read user reviews, and install extensions directly from the store.

With so many productivity options at your fingertips, finding the perfect combination of extensions can be overwhelming. That’s where we come in. Below, you’ll find a list of the best chrome extensions for startup companies and entrepreneurs, along with a quick breakdown of why you want them in your arsenal and how to use them.

1) Nimbus Screenshot & Screen Video Recorder

Nimbus is a great tool for capturing snips, marking them up, and sharing them with your team. If you’ve ever need to show someone exactly where an item is on a webpage, Nimbus has your back. Once installed, you can add it to your chrome toolbar for easy access.

What’s more, Nimbus allows you to edit screenshots after you take them. Its simple interface lets you select the color and shape you want to impose, along with the ability to add text to any screenshot.

Additional features include:

  • Capturing an area larger than your visible screen (it will scroll for you)
  • Capturing one piece or a slice of your screen at a time
  • Making a screencast by recording a video from your screen
  • Saving captured videos and images to your desktop for later use

While Nimbus offers a premium option with additional capabilities (like adding watermarks to your videos), the free version will provide more than enough functionality for most users.

2) Evernote Web Clipper

Evernote Web Clipper is a productivity extension for Chrome that lets you clip interesting pieces of information from the web, save them, and organize them in one, convenient space. Just like Nimbus, Evernote allows you to save entire pages of content or pieces of them; however, Evernote offers certain features Nimbus doesn’t.

While Nimbus is primarily intended to snip images and send them to other people, Evernote offers is better suited for saving these items for yourself. Additionally, it allows you to highlight text, make annotations in the screenshot, bookmark webpages, and even clip and save email conversations and attachments.

A few ways Evernote could help you:

  • Keep to-do lists and set reminders
  • Document your daily activities and news
  • Write down your ideas and collect them with related articles
  • Keep memos and notebooks (with searchable text)
  • Organize your thoughts, findings, and inspirations in one place

3) Todoist: To-Do list and Task Manager

Todoist, as its name suggestions, is essentially a to-do list - plus so much more. Todoist is a longstanding pioneer in the world of productivity apps. One of the things that makes Todoist so helpful is it allows you right click on any webpage in Chrome (or click on the icon in your toolbar), and immediately turn the URL into a “task.”

You can also organize tasks within larger projects, and even highlight text in Chrome, right-click and turn it into a new to-do item. These tasks then show up in your Todoist “inbox” where you can set due dates and edit your lists.  

More reasons Todist is a great way to stay on task:

  • It’s easy to coordinate with teammates and share lists with collaborators
  • You can assign tasks to other people through the extension
  • You can prioritize your work and set ongoing reminders for recurring tasks
  • Syncs seamlessly with your desktop computer and phone

4) Eye Dropper

Eye Dropper is perhaps one of the simplest Chrome extensions on the market. It can also save a lot of time if you do anything involving websites, logos, or branding. The concept is simple: just activate the extension, hover over any pixel in Chrome, and click. Viola! You now know the Hex and RGB color code for exact color on your screen. No more guessing!

5) Grammarly for Chrome

We’ve all been there: You quickly type a message, compose a tweet, or send an email without triple checking for typos. You hit send, only to realize you typed “your welcome” instead of “you’re welcome.” Ouch!

While everyone makes mistakes, Grammarly can help you avoid the little ones. With this gem of an extension, your grammar and spelling are automatically checked while you type in Gmail, on Facebook, and across the web. Additionally, Grammarly sends you a weekly recap of your written communication stats (along with performance metrics).


Some of Grammarly’s best traits include:  

  • Checking for spelling contextually (In other words, it looks for commonly confused words instead of just blatant typos)
  • Their grammar and spelling index safeguards against hundreds of potential errors
  • Comes with an online editor so you can easily proof documents in one place
  • Shows synonyms when you double click on words

6) Web Developer

Web Developer for chrome is a versatile tool that provides useful information to anyone who works on websites. While the amount of information may seem overwhelming at first, it’s easy to navigate once you get the hang of it.

Not only does Web Developer allow you to disable some feature on a given webpage (such as JavaScript), it also allows you to display information about the following:

  • Links
  • Forms  
  • Images  
  • Color Information
  • CSS
  • And much more  

You can also outline certain elements like and highlight their attributes, such as headers, H2s, H3s, and so on. You can even see a list of every outbound link on a page with the click of a button!

7) LastPass: Free Password Manager

LastPass is a password manager that accomplishes two goals: It saves time and increases your personal security. This killer Chrome extension allows you to consolidate your passwords into one place, so you only have to remember one.

Sound too good to be true? It’s not. In fact, it’s a prudent choice for anyone tempted to use the same password for multiple website logins.

By letting LastPass do the heavy lifting, you can assign unique, complex login credentials to every site you use without remembering all of them. We won’t bore you with the technical details, but the important thing is this: Even LastPass doesn’t store your master login so your information is more secure than ever.

Additional features LastPass offers:

  • Password generation to replace weak login credentials with strong ones
  • Multifactor authentication, so your LastPass master login is safe
  • Sync devices so your passwords on your computer are accessible on your tablet too

While online security is great, LastPass is helpful because it saves the hassle of manually typing in your passwords, too. And adding new passwords to your LastPass account is super easy!

8) Momentum

Fans of minimalism and organization will love Momentum. At a glance, this extension appears to be little more than a pretty picture. In reality, it’s a powerful tool to keep you motivated and focused on accomplishing your goals throughout the day.

Here’s how it works: Every time you open a new browser tab in Chrome, momentum displays a gorgeous picture, the time, date, and your to-do list. It asks one question, “What is your main focus for today?” Once you answer it, Momentum displays your primary task every time you open a tab.

When the task is complete, you simply check it off and create a new one! You can also add more to-dos at the bottom of the screen throughout the day. Ideally, this is where you store the smaller tasks that propel you toward your main focus.

9) Mailtrack - Email Tracking for Gmail

If you use Gmail, Mailtrack is an excellent communication tool. Once installed, it simply lets you know if someone has opened an email you sent and, if so, how many times.

There are two Mailtrack options: free and pro. The free version allows unlimited usage in your Gmail inbox but delivers the message with a discreet “sent with Mailtrack” message at the bottom. The pro version eliminates this notation and comes with a few other bonuses like daily email tracking reports, phone support, link tracking, and reminders.

At first blush, this might not seem like something you need in your inbox.

Think about it, though: When was the last time you followed up about something because you weren’t sure if the other person saw your message? What about messages that got “lost” on their way to a teammate’s inbox?

Mailtrack takes the guesswork out of email and lets you know if a message was successfully delivered and if the recipient has read it yet. It’s that simple.

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