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Potluck Ideas for Coworking Parties

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Coworkers Enjoying Potluck

Whatever the occasion may be—whether it’s a birthday, holiday, or a mid-week get together, a co-working potluck party is a great way to build teamwork and community in your space. However, deciding what to bring can be a challenge.

Co-working Potluck Ideas for Office Parties

While it can be fun to make the potluck a little loose and casual, it’s a good idea to keep everyone in mind when choosing a dish. A sign-up list is crucial, not just to make sure you don’t end up with too many desserts (said no one ever), but to make sure everyone has something they can eat.

Some people live for potlucks and have their recipe books out the minute the invitation is sent. Others, not so much. If you are in the latter category,here are a few quick and easy recipes you can make to impress your coworkers. 

Potluck Breakfast Recipes

Potluck breakfasts are a great way to start the day, and often the food lasts into the afternoon, so you get lunch as well. Having breakfast food for lunch is a nice change of pace. Here are a few breakfast ideas, from easy to assemble breakfast taquitos to a casserole you can make the night before and reheat in minutes. 

1.Sausage N’Egg Taquitos: Want to give the fast-food breakfast sandwich a south-western feel? These taquitos not only are simple to put together but easy to take to the office. Simply roll sausages, scrambled eggs, and cheese in corn tortillas and bake casserole-style. Make them the night before so you can warm them up in the microwave at work.

Get the recipe here:

2.Hot Ham N’Cheese Rolls: Ham and cheese is a classic pairing, and rolled up in fluffy pizza dough with a sugar poppy seed glaze, it hits all the salty, sweet, and carby notes you expect in a breakfast. If your heart stopped at “pizza dough,” don’t worry, the recipe calls for pre-made pizza dough. The only real “cooking” needed is melting the butter for the glaze. Bake at home and warm up at the office.

Get the recipe here:

3.The Ultimate Breakfast Casserole: Don’t let the name scare you, this casserole is actually quite easy to throw together. It’s packed with vegetables, spicy chorizo to wake up the taste buds,all covered in eggs and cheese. The best part is you can use any vegetables and cheese you have on hand, and if you don’t like it spicy, just substitute whatever breakfast meat you like. Make and bake the night before, and warm it up in the microwave.

Get the recipe here:

Potluck Lunch Recipes

If you’re looking for midday lunch ideas for your next office party potluck, these next few recipes are easy to make and bring, and sure to please the entire office. To help you plan your prep time, we’ve rated these recipes from easy to medium to impressive:

1.Veggie-Friendly Black Bean Chili: Chili is a crowd-pleaser for carnivore and vegetarians alike. This hearty black bean version is sure to please both. The best part: it only takes about half an hour to make and can be reheated in the office. Add some toppings on the side such as cheese, cherry tomatoes, sour cream, green onions, and more so your coworkers can customize their meal

Get the recipe here: 

2.Macaroni Salad: This easy recipe can be made a few days prior and requires no heating, so you’ll be a step ahead as everyone else vies for microwave space. Radishes and celery give it crunch while dill and chives add savory flavors. And, with a mere table spoon of mayonnaise, it hits the creamy note without adding extra fat and calories.

Get the recipe here:

3.Sun-Dried Tomato and Chicken Baked Penne: Bring a little bit of homemade comfort to the office with this combination of chicken, pasta, and sun dried tomatoes. This easy recipe will impress with its flavor and perceived level of difficulty. Designed to bake the day before, this recipe includes baked penne, chicken, sun-dried tomatoes, and half-and-half for a perfect combination that seems to melt in your mouth. 

Get therecipe here:

Potluck Party Picks

Although these are not the only recipes you can whip up and bring to your office potluck, we hope that these office party potluck ideas for work will be coworker fan-favorites. Even more, we hope these recipes take the stress off what to bring so that you can enjoy the sense of community sharing a meal with your colleagues creates.

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