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How to Personalize Your NYC Coworking Space

Lily Stone
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Personalizing Coworking Spaces

Coworking spaces have become very popular in major cities, especially in New York City. However, being in a space that isn’t exactly your own has the ability to make you feel like a guest in your own home, or in this case, office. This problem is easy to combat. The Association for Psychological Sciences states that customizing your coworking space can “help employees to maintain emotional energy in the face of the stresses that come from their work”. At Alley, we want you to feel like your office is your second home. There are several easy ways to personalize your NYC coworking office space and make it feel like your own.

Your desk is the central feature of your whole office.

It is important that it represents you to the fullest. NYC is known for its small spaces so if you are in a coworking space in NYC it is one of the easiest aspects of your space to add your unique touch to.

● The first priority of your desk is functionality. Start with organizing your office supplies in a way that is convenient for you. This includes everything from your filing system to your calendar to your computer placement. We love how Poppin allows for your individuality to be highlighted or your brand colors! #deskgoals

● Next, add photos. There are various ways to incorporate photos on your desk. The standard picture frames with photos of family and friends sitting on your desk is always an easy and standard way to personalize your NYC coworking space, however; there are alternatives that take up less of your desk space. One of which is using the top surface of your desk. Print the photos you’d like to incorporate into your NYC coworking space and place them flat on your desk. Get a large slab of glass to place over your desk with the photos placed how you like. Now you have a nice glass surface desk displaying your photos without taking up any physical desk space. A less expensive alternative to this would be laminating photos together and simply placing the laminated sheet with all your photos over your desk.

● Flowers and plants are a nice way to liven up your desk space. According to Science Daily “plants could increase productivity by 15%”. Having plants or flowers at your desk adds a little color to your desk and is guaranteed to brighten up your workday. Small potted plants like cacti are very manageable and have a long shelf life. My City Plants has great options for large and small easy to manage plants for your office space in NYC.

Compensating for a viewless office

Staring at blank walls in your coworking space can be depressing especially if you are not fortunate enough to have a killer NYC view. Alley’s NYC coworking space offers customizable walls by Teknion but there are alternatives to personalize your wall space.

● TV screens are a great addition to a coworking space. You can have promotional materials for your company or news updates

● Shelves are another way to spice up your NYC coworking space. Adding shelf space allows you to insert more of your personal touches to the office space. Whether you have more photos, knick-knacks, or books to the shelf, it offers you the opportunity to display more of you in your coworking space.

● Wall décor doubles as decoration and self-expression in your office space. Frame and hang your child’s work of art, your diploma or even just your favorite quote. These small adds are effortless ways to fill wall space with charm.

● If your NYC coworking space doesn’t allow a colorful coat of paint, a wall wrap can be an easy solution. Removable wallpaper can fix the monotonous walls in most offices. Add a statement wall to your office that creates no permeant damage to the office to enhance your space.

Fit your office layout to your needs

Just because your furniture is set up the same way in every office doesn’t necessarily mean you have to have the same layout in your space. If you are in a coworking space where you are in your own space you have the ability to adjust your layout to fit you.

● Rearrange the furniture to the way you work best. If you get distracted looking out the window, place your back to the window to increase your personal productivity. Placing your furniture in a layout that works for you will make your coworking space feel customized to your particular needs.

● If you are at a job that has you sitting at a desk for most of the day you will quickly learn that a comfortable chair is essential. Get your own desk chair that props you up and supports your back. This will drastically improve your back pain and itch to move around halfway through the workday. Amazon and Wayfair both have great options for office chairs.  

● On the other hand, if your job has you standing most of the day place an area rug near your desk. Your feet will thank you for this addition and it will reinforce your other aesthetic incorporations to your coworking space.

Overall, it is paramount to make your NYC coworking space your own. The only way for you to produce your best work product is feeling at ease in your space. Implementing these small changes to your space will help you thrive at work while expressing yourself in the coworking setting.

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