At Alley, our goal has been to grow the connectivity points between individuals and entrepreneurs, and enhance the value we bring to the community. We knew we had to do one thing first to make this happen - KILL COWORKING. From our very first location, Alley has always been more than a workspace; Alley curates experiences and brings together thousands of entrepreneurs with amazing stories and gives them a place to connect. I am so excited to speak about the next phase of Alley's evolution and ability to support our members, by becoming an enhanced platform for the NEW economy. A platform that provides community, workspace, events, and business services.


Coworking is DEAD and Alley has just raised a round of funding with Verizon to lead us to the next chapter. That’s a mouthful and a lot to wrap your brain around for just one sentence. It’s a lot for us to process too. Alley has always been a source of innovation. We were one of the first places to offer coworking space. So as our entrepreneurs and members grow, Alley will be right there expanding with them. Alley was our way of supporting entrepreneurs and creators not merely have access to space but an avenue to get at resources they needed without placing an undue financial strain on their business. We built Alley to be more than just a space to plug in your laptop but a place of support and resource sharing.  We have been able to share knowledge and resources, support businesses, and engage in partnerships and relationships that foster a better tomorrow. I am proud of the fact that Alley is able to support entrepreneurs and business owners by providing access to services and products that they may not have any access to. For Alley’s community, this is the official notice that Alley, as only a coworking space is done. Alley is evolving from a workplace environment where we connect people to a true platform.


Together we decided to create coworking spaces and build a supportive entrepreneurial community.  Our latest round of funding will help us actualize what we want to do with the future of Alley, with our future. Through this funding Alley will be moving from a coworking space to an inclusive platform.

As a platform on its own, the internet has already allowed us to improve systems and functions in entirely novel ways. But what I believe has been the most transformative for entrepreneurs is the ability to create on top of what is necessarily the largest, most dynamic blank canvas ever constructed. By partnering with Alley, Verizon is bridging the gap between startup and corporation by helping the community workspace build next-level ecosystems for entrepreneurs.  Alley will be able to shine a bigger light on all the fantastic work done by our community.


Through this platform, we will be able to share more resources, stories, enable more significant and more meaning relationship. This platform is Alley's megaphone - it is where we are going to bring you stories of everything that will expand the community's well being and growth. We will be able to share stories of social good; learning and mentorship; connecting large companies, with resources, with small start-ups. We are working on all these things to benefit the broader community that we serve.

Alley will be increasing our offerings, providing more and new resources and connection points. Including new business development services like recruiting, events, marketing and digital services. We see this platform as an opportunity to offer exceptional corporate products, which are innovative and bridge the gap between small and large companies.

The new platform will help us make Alley a large community where we thrive together, access new resources and new connections, all to build a better world for all of us.