It is safe to say that no other piece of clothing is as polarizing as the hijab. For some it the antithesis of freedom, for others the hijab is a source of strength and confidence, like Haute Hijab CEO Melanie Elturk. Growing up, Melanie did not see images of successful women in Hijabs but knew Muslim women who were driven, fashionable, and leaders. She wanted the next generation of Muslim women to know that they could be both American and Muslim; modest and fashion forward; connect to a cause and build a successful fashion business.

"One thing that I was noticing is that, especially working heavily with our youth in Detroit, a lot of girls were really struggling to put it on, struggling to keep it on."

Driven by an unbending desire to help women create memories and beautiful moments in the life, Haute Hijab is changing the way we think about hijabs. Melanie has built a hijab line that offers the American women fashion that reflects their personality, from vintage to luxury to elegant.

"All I want for her is to feel joy and happiness every morning when she puts on her hijab."

Check out the video above to see how Melanie Elturk is helping Muslim women elevate their style and disrupt the narrative around hijabs.