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How to Know if a Coworking Space is Right for You

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If you’re an entrepreneur, you’ve probably considered a coworking space. Finding the right workspace for your freelance business or startup team is a big decision and comes with a lot of questions, but the single most important question you can ask is this: Is a coworking space right for me?

Here are a few tips and questions to help you find the answer:

Does your current workspace have the amenities you need?

Collaborative workspaces come with many perks, one of the biggest being amenities. If you’re currently working from home or out of a coffee shop, chances are you have to provide your own amenities, including a clean workspace and unlimited coffee and tea.

Coworking spaces relieve the stress of needing to provide these essentials and come with a plethora of other benefits, too. These typically include cleaning services, phone booths for private conversations with customers and vendors, a community manager to facilitate networking, nursing rooms for mothers, a business mailbox, membership directory, and much more.

Long story short, a coworking space might be the next step for your startup if you want the inviting, inspiring, and business-friendly work environment these types of amenities provide.

What is your business goal?

At the end of the day, business goals involve more than the bottom line. You are passionate about what you do; you want to make your clients’ lives easier with your product or service; you want to give employees the opportunity to grow with your startup.

Depending on what direction you want to take your business, one thing is certain: Growth requires more space and the resources your company needs to thrive. If you want to take your startup to the next level and continue growing your client base and team, a collaborative workspace can help you do this by providing the space and resources growth requires.

What are your current workspace and business challenges?

Every business comes with challenges, and those challenges often lead to greater rewards. Sometimes, though, innovation and creativity alone can’t solve your problems. In a coworking environment, you can overcome the following challenges:

● Space - Simply put, a shared office means you’ll have enough desks to support a growing team.

● Networking - Collaboration happens naturally in a shared office space, so a coworking space might be right for your business if you’re ready to expand your network naturally.

● Communication - The larger your team, the more you need to communicate. By bringing your people under one roof, communication comes easily.

● Cost - It’s no surprise that leasing office space is expensive. It can also be challenging for newer businesses to obtain a fair and economical leasing agreement. Shared offices are economical and designed for businesses and solopreneurs who need a professional space without the burden of unrealistic overhead.

● Functionality - If your current office setup doesn’t support client or team meetings or the privacy needed for important phone calls, a coworking environment can help by providing conference rooms, phone booths, and communal meeting areas.

Are you looking for more collaboration and networking?

Let’s face it, working remotely (from your house or a coffee shop) can get lonely. Additionally, remote work can make it difficult to collaborate, share ideas with other solopreneurs and startups, or find new partnerships.

In a coworking environment, these things happen organically. Because you’re in the middle of the action every day, surrounded by professionals with a like-minded drive for success, you'll have an easier time finding the partnerships and relationships you and your business need.

Networking doesn't just happen organically in coworking spaces, though; coworking spaces often include a community manager. The role of the community manager is to maintain a healthy, collaborative and business-friendly working environment for all members. This means keeping a directory of all members for you to access and scheduling networking events and activities to facilitate new and inspiring business relationships.

The best way to figure out if a coworking space is right for you

Like many things in life, the best way to figure out if a coworking space is right for you is to try it out. At Alley, we offer day passes for people like you who want to explore our office space and figure out if it’s the right fit for you and your business. With a day pass, you’ll have access to our open office space area for $25.

Day passes are ideal for creators, solopreneurs, or startup owners looking to sample the amenities and environment a collaborative workspace has to offer. Day passes are also flexible, which means you can not only try out the office but also pay as you go if you decide to come back for more days.

With the pass, you get to step out of the coffee shop or home office and into a creative environment designed to help people just like you grow their freelance or startup businesses. Learn more to see how an Alley day pass can help you!

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