Our panelist: 

  1. Noelle Tassey - CEO of Alley
  2. John Olsen- Senior Account Executive at Founder Shield
  3. Michael Cohen- Founder & CEO of Suitless

Your Guide To Startup Resources Webinar Takeaways

With startup businesses running from home, we now are living in an interesting time where you're once successfully run business may need to turn to services, products, and resources available to help during this crisis.

As your small business may continue to take hits from COVID-19 at Alley, we want to help give you the knowledge to fight back. With our virtual event, “Your Guide To Startup Resources”, we’re letting you in on firsthand accounts of small businesses, just like yours, who are looking for resources to help them get up or stay on their feet.

In this event, our panelists, Michael, John, and Noelle, present you with real-business advice from the real-world to help small business owners like you tap into those resources available to you.


Resources at your disposal:

Reaching out for help, especially during times of crisis can be a very important—but hard—step to take. After building out your risk management, the next step is acting on it to help ensure the survival and thriving-capabilities of your company.


In this particular webinar, we take a closer look at:

  1. The Paycheck Protection Program:Around 370 billion dollars set aside for small businesses under 500 employees, including a forgivable loan


Throughout the session, our expert panelists will go through the various factors that contribute to your likelihood and eligibility for being able to receive payment and the funds of the PPP.


You can also learn from our panelists about other programs that provide service and aid:

  1. The Small Business Administration (SBA) also has funds relating to economic injury and disaster loans to help provide relief
  2. The micro grids micro-grant program in D.C. provide grants that are not on loan for small businesses
  3. So many more!


Hanging In There”

During this crisis, everyone seems to be going through very similar circumstances—and through this dark time, the notion of being all in this together—is so true.

From companies, small to medium-sized to large, everyone is afraid, everyone is concerned, everyone is unsure of the right answer, and not everyone understands what’s out there for resources. However, doing your research and checking in to see what’s available for you and your business can help you push through and stay afloat.

At Alley, our team is focusing on supporting our community digitally by sharing resources and hosting video events. We hope this event and our entire event series can help keep your business stay connected to the community, move forward in development, and grow with intentionality.