Our panelists: 

  1. Noelle Tassey - CEO of Alley
  2. Adrian Solgaard - Founder and CEO of Solgaard

SIFT: Choosing The Right Funding For Your Startup - Kickstarter Webinar Takeaways

Whether your company needs a bit of a boost when it comes to funding while it’s on its way to the top or if you’re in need of a real beginner’s boost, this webinar can help give you the tricks and tips you need to get started—literally.

In our Alley Webinar, SIFT-Kickstarter, we take a closer look at all things funding. We want to help foster that education and exposure to various channels that can be opened for your business to get funded, raise funding, and kickstart a great cash flow-in to help get you off the ground—or just moving along.

In this event, our panelist, Adrian Solgaard, shares his real-world experience when it comes to choosing the right funding for his startup and how his history can help you with your startups.

We hope this Webinar can help encourage you and give you the advice you need to help find the perfect Kickstarter for your campaign or small business.  

How to Kickstart the Perfect Kickstarter

Whether you’re following Adrian’s advice on starting a campaign with a single prototype or if you’re absolutely onboard and ready to launch to market, his real-world advice can help you get the funding you need.

First, you have to figure out which kind of supporters you want to target. You’ll have your audience who is:

  1. Simply there to be a part of the thrill of anew enterprise or new entrepreneurial activity
  2. There for the equity and the investment

Once you know your target audience, you can then figure out the perfect campaign to help tailor to their support.

Knowing how much and for how long your campaign should be are also important takeaway points that Adrian will address, as well—since these are major turning points for a Kickstarter campaign.


Kicking It Off with the Perfect Kickstarter

We hope that our SIFT-Kickstarter Webinar has helped you gain the impactful knowledge and learn points from real-world experience to help you kick off your company with a great (and effective)funding campaign.

At Alley, our team is focusing on supporting our community digitally by sharing resources and hosting virtual  events. We hope this event and our entire event series can help keep your business stay connected to the community, move forward in development, and grow with intentionality.

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