Our panelists: 

  1. Noelle Tassey - CEO of Alley
  2. Madan Nagaldinne- Chief People Officer of Blink Health
  3. Claude Silver - Chief Heart Officer of VaynerMedia
  4. Kyser Thompson - CEO & Founder of Now What

Leading in a Time of Crisis Webinar Takeaways

In an unprecedented time like this, not only are your employees looking at you to take lead, but also your partners and your competitors are watching what you do to impact your business in a positive way.

Although during COVID-19 we are all experiencing some sort of change from the usual norm, we want to help you find that guiding light in your company and within you to help boost your business during these difficult times.

Here at Alley, our primary focus is to connect early-stage startups with corporate resources, to help foster innovation in the name of creating good change. We support companies that have social impact either on their mission or on their business model and put them to work with our corporate partners who also share those values.

With our virtual event, “Leading in a Time of Crisis”, we’re focusing on the different challenges companies may be facing during this time—especially when giving clarity and tackling the health, mobility, and economic factors in this pandemic.

We hope that through this event, run by leaders like you—our panelists, Noelle, Kyser, Madan, and Claude want to bring you real-life experience and advice from businesses like yours that have put their leadership qualities under the spotlight to help you develop and shape yours.

Important Components

During a time like this, you have to strip your company back to values and qualities that you think are most important. From accountability to transparency, it’s important that you find the daily strategies that work for your business—which may mean trial and error.

Even though you might not be able to fully recreate the past norm, you can make a new norm through your leadership and help develop a foundation in unchartered territories to help your team thrive during this time—and not just survive.

At Alley, our team is focusing on supporting our community digitally by sharing resources and hosting video events. We hope this event and our entire event series can help keep your business stay connected to the community, move forward in development, and grow with intentionality.