Our panelists: 

  1. Noelle Tassey - CEO of Alley
  2. Ben Nunez - Co-Founder and CEO of Evercoast
  3. Nate Fender - Co-Founder and COO of Ario
  4. Gordon Meyer - NYC Chapter President of VR/AR Association
  5. Chris Pfaff- CEO of Chris Pfaff Tech/Media LLC
  6. Adaora Udoji - Director of Corporate Innovation and Venture Programs at New York City’s RLab

A New Reality - AR/VR Transforming Collaboration Webinar Takeaways


With everything moving onto an online platform, we wanted to discuss on the importance VR and AR are playing in our everyday lives—especially now.

 In this Alley Webinar, we take a closer look at companies who are leading their industries in Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Mixed Reality.

In this event, our panelists, Nate, Ben, Adaora ,and Chris, share their companies’ real-world innovations and programs that help encourage the growth of the use of new interface applications.

VRARA, an international organization that promotes collaboration between innovative brands in the VR and AR field, to help foster research and education, develop industry standards, connect member organizations, and promote the services of member companies.

Ario is a productivity software that increases safety and efficiency in industrial environments by leveraging augmented reality to give teams the ability to create and share spatial information in real time.

Evercoast is advancing the creation, compression, and distribution of 3D holographic, volumetric content to be used in augmented reality, virtual reality and the web, on mobile or desktop environments.

Chris Pfaff Tech Media is a New York area consultancy that supports the needs of global technology and new media entrepreneurs in the areas of market and business development, strategic marketing and public relations and investment consulting. Chris Pfaff Tech Media supports ventures from launch to re-launch, and from transition to spin-off. The company’s clients include self-funded start-ups, institutional venture capital-backed ventures, strategic/corporate ventures, incubation-stage companies, as well as global accelerators.

RLab is the nation’s first city-funded center for research, education and entrepreneurship in virtual and augmented reality and related technologies.

We hope this Webinar can introduce to you how simple it is to implement their technologies to help make your company run more smoothly during this online season.

How VR and AR are Saving Industries Everywhere

No matter how big or small your company is, it has most likely benefitted from AR or VR—and can do so in the near future.

 Here are some ways that this field is stepping up to the plate: 

  1. Content management systems
  2. Training your company, your team, or an industry
  3. Ensure best safety practices from some industries
  4. Provide engaging and dynamic learning experiences
  5. Using virtual reality imaging to help consult experts in your team who are not there in person
  6. Streaming your content in real-time
  7. One-to-one (or group) communicating like Zoom, Skype, etc.

 And with companies in this field off to the races to try and come up with more and more developments to help other businesses achieve their goals during this time—with innovations in computer visualization, advanced algorithms, and things like LIDAR sensors—the sky’s the limit.


Affecting Your Company

So, whether this is the first time your employees are working from home, if you’re in the tech industry and are looking to converge with the field’s brightest and most innovative minds or if you’re simply wanting in on this growing industry, this Webinar brings the advice, insight, and product lines of expert panelists—right into your home (and headset).


At Alley, our team is focusing on supporting our community digitally by sharing resources and hosting video events. We hope this event and our entire event series can help keep your business stay connected to the community, move forward in development, and grow with intentionality.

Additional Resources: 

The speakers provided excellent resources to help you get started in the AR/VR world (even if you don't have a headset). Check out some of the many resources discussed in this panel.

  1. Doodle Lens - Bring your dreams to life through the power of augmented reality! DoodleLens turns your flat sketchpad scribbles into interactive, animated 3D AR characters, scenes, and stories!
  2. EchoAR  - A cloud platform for augmented reality (AR) apps that provides tools and server-side infrastructure to help developers & creators build better AR apps and grow their businesses.
  3. SentioVR - Virtual Reality marketing software being used by the world's leading enterprises. SENTIO VR is a self-service platform for Architects and 3D artists to present their designs in Virtual Reality.
  4. Poplar - A platform that makes the production of AR campaigns simple, quick and affordable.
  5. Virti  - An award-winning immersive, enterprise learning solution for healthcare and beyond. Virti allows for creation and cross-platform distribution of interactive, immersive (VR, AR and MR) educational content and provides analytics that intelligently predict how a user will perform under pressure before entering a real environment.
  6. MeetInVR - Danish firm that offers a collaborative, real-time VR collaboration platform
  7. Glue Finnish firm that offers remote access to shared team resources, with 3D graphics
  8. LivDeo - A firm that delivers AR and web VR experiences for mobile users for museum experiences
  9. VRARA Meetups - Stay up to date with the VRARA events by following their twitter!

Webinar Giveaway: 

Ario Connect allows teams to easily call one another, share expert advice, and offer timely and topical guidance through the use of augmented reality tools to ensure their workflow can continue despite where everyone is located. With so many teams working remotely in light of the COVID-19 outbreak, we wanted to lend a hand by offering Ario Connect for free for the next 90 days. There’s no catch or obligation. If you think Ario Connect will make maintaining daily operations easier, please fill out this form to get started.

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