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Customizing Your Computer Workstation

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Your computer workstation is comprised of three components, your work desk, your laptop and your computer desktop. It is pertinent that all components are reflective of you, yours style and the functionality that your workplace requires. There are several customization tools you can implement to truly make your computer workstation your own.

Personalize the screen you spend your day on

The easiest and cheapest first step in customizing your workstation is personalizing your desktop. Due to the fact our work lives revolve around our computers, there are a couple of simple updates that can accomplish this goal. The first being changing your screensaver to a personal photo. This photo can be of a landscape or important people in your life, but changing this photo will allow you to look at something that brings you joy repeatedly throughout the day. Another meaningful way to customize your desktop is creating desktop folders. Categorizing your photos, documents and presentations in different folders is essential to making your desktop workstation functional. Color coding folders for different clients or projects and relabeling documents making them easier to find is a major time saver. Everything you do gets saved to your computer so organizing your saved materials in a way strategic way for you will make referencing past work more efficient.        

Express yourself in the office and on the go with your laptop

Although you most likely have a desktop computer workstation set up in your office, creating a double screen with the addition of your laptop is common practice as well. Personalizing your laptop is important because not only does this allow you to express yourself in the office but it also provides a way to express yourself at home. When carrying a laptop back and forth to the office investing in a laptop sleeve is a necessity. A laptop sleeves come in all different sizes, colors and patterns. It also protects your laptop while you are in transport. The next easy way to customize your laptop is adding a hard-shell case and rubber keyboard cover. Similarly to the laptop sleeve, the hard-shell and keyboard cover has practical value in addition to being a form a personal expression. The hard-shell cover and keyboard cover protect your laptop from spills, scratches and other possible workplace accidents, however; it also provides a colored or patterned canvas for you to decorate your laptop. The third way to customize your laptop workstation is to add stickers to your laptop. Stickers are an effortless interchangeable way to personalize your laptop with your interests.

Make your workstation desk functional for you

The final aspect of your computer workstation is your desk. Functionality with your desk is imperative. An amazing way to prevent your computer from taking away space for your files is to have your computer raised on a computer monitor stand. These stands will allow you to store your important documents on your desk without your space being cluttered. If you happen to need more storage for your desk space rolling under the desk filing cabinets is the perfect solution. Inserting more functionality into your workspace allows you to truly customize it and make it your own. Having the ability to have your work materials organized and easily accessible is the first step to personalizing your workspace. Your computer workstation far exceeds just your computer it includes everything adjacent to your computer as well. Therefore, it is imperative that your basic office materials like post-its, pens, highlighters etc. also has a place on your desk. A simple desk top organizer will give you a customizable storage option for those types of materials. Having both your laptop and desktop on your desk can fill your computer workstation with wires. Desk cable clips is a great way to keep your chargers and cords untangled, together and out of your way. After you customize your computer workstation to meet your functionality needs add your style and personal touches into the mix. Add photos and decorations that are representative of your life.

You spend too much time at work not to customize your space. Your computer workstation is the center of your office so putting your own personal touch to your workstation should be a necessity. Adding your style and implementing tools to meet your functionality needs will make your workspace your own.

Managing your career while starting a business can seem daunting. While this is going to be a busy time in your life, there are many things you can do to be successful in your job and your business. First, set clear goals for your career and business. Avoid burn out by staying organized, managing your time wisely, and saying “no” when necessary. Then, get help when you need it! Doing these things can will enable you thrive in both your career and your business for as long as you see it necessary to do both.

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