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Coworking Space Etiquette

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Being in an office setting has its own expectations, rules and culture. Your business is responsible for setting the tone, right upon entry.

Those entry point ground rules are extremely important, especially since you encounter a mixture of different personalities and backgrounds in one place.

Although they might have a common goal while working for their respective businesses, a coworking space brings a blend of individual company rules, regulations, and practices.

A Closer Look At Coworking Spaces:

Most coworking spaces have different businesses working under the same roof. With this dynamic, instead of sharing a common goal its members are focusing on different expectations and sticking to their unique agendas.

It is designed to offer a substitute for working from coffee shops or home.

Since you’ll be working side-by-side with other companies who might not fit the mold of your own, here are some of the tips to consider when practicing coworking space etiquette:

Be friendly:

Being sociable will help you meet new business contacts and grow your network. Avoid expelling a bad mood or airing out your company’s dirty laundry on other companies. Shared spaces are the best for growth and collaborations in business networks.

Therefore, individuals can make use of diverse opportunities if they interact with other professionals in the coworking space. Being polite and mindful of others goes a long way. Greeting co-workers, listening patiently, attending the spaces’ various events, and focusing on inter-business communication can boost confidence and nurture good working relationships, benefiting both parties.

Keep your noise volume low:

Although you might have a rowdy pre-contract signing ritual with your workmates or if your employees are encouraged to laugh and have fun, it is wise to be conscious with the level of noise you make.

Things can get a little distracting when there are different organizations working on diverse projects in an open environment.

Since it is inevitable to have phone conversations or talk to your peers, it is important to keep your voice low and consider those around you—they might have to be extremely focused to meet a crucial deadline!

If you need to, step out of the office or find a better place if things are going to get a bit noisy.

In addition, do not forget to turn your phone’s ringer volume down. When listening to your favorite music, always use headphones, when on a call, try not to put them on speakerphone.

Be conscious with your appearance:

Concerning pretty common knowledge, if you are fond of certain lotion or perfumes, make sure they’re mildly scented because some people are sensitive to strong perfumes.

With your shared coworking space, make sure you’re mindful about your mess and personal space. Keep your organized items on or in your desk or space to keep them away from being littered everywhere.

If you’re going to be eating lunch in your coworking space, make sure you’re aware of the strong smell of your food. At the very least, make sure you’re eating your meals in the designated places to avoid disturbing others.

Respect people’s privacy and boundaries:

Consider other people’s space either on a physical or emotional level. When an individual is invested in their work or when they’re clearly using their headphones, do not disturb them just because. Although you’re in the same area, try your best to give them their room.

Although it might be obvious, avoid the temptation to go through other workers’ documents or a book you find lying around.

In general, don’t touch anything that’s not yours. If you find yourself in a situation where you need to borrow supplies, make sure you ask before you use and not the other way around. Also, make sure you’re returning it in a the same state it was before—or else replace it. However, don’t depend on other people’s items and make sure your business supplies are plentiful for use.

Adhere to your schedule:

Although your original short-update meeting might have been extended to a longer discussion, someone else could be waiting for the same space. Try and limit your meetings to the agreed time since others might need that space. If your meeting is running out of time, wind it up, move it to a different venue or plan a continuation on a different date.

This practice is courteous and it will show that you’re not putting your business in front of others in the coworking space. Although there are unavoidable circumstances, it not right to delay your coworker’s plan. Your time management is vital when booking meetings in coworking environments.

Be Professional and Mindful of Others

Professionals prefer coworking spaces because they are cheaper, usually offer better amenities, and give a great opportunity for social interaction, as well as business partnerships or trade of services.

When compared to working from a coffee shop or home, coworking spaces allow workers to interact and connect with each other, nurturing productivity.

Shared workspaces, just like large corporations, will come with a code of conduct that should be followed by everyone on the premise.

In these places, common expectations are simple and this keeps all businesses and its employees happy and efficient. If you want to make the most out of your coworking space, take the time to comply to coworking space etiquette.

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