We sat down with women in Alley’s community to learn what it was like working within the entrepreneurial industry. Allison Esposito Medina of Tech Ladies sits down with us to talk about what men can do to support women. Allison grew a community of women and non-binary individuals in tech to share resources, opportunities, and encouragement. Check out our video above to learn how we can be more collaborative supportive and how we can empower one another.

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More about Allison Esposito Medina & Tech Ladies:

Tech Ladies is a robust and worldwide community with 50,000 members. In 2017 they wrote a report for the United Nations about the gender digital divide and in 2018 we went to the United Nations to support equal pay. Founded by Allison Esposito Medina who has worked for startups and tech companies including Google and Foursquare, our mission is to connect you with the best opportunities in tech, and to connect companies with the best techmakers. They've been featured in CNBC, The Observer,  Forbes,  Mic , Hearst, Fortune, Bustle and more.