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Best Headphones for Office Employees

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Headphones Resting on Desk Next to Worker

Best Headphones for Office Employees

If you are working in a co-working space, listening to your videos, music, or podcasts out in the open shared spaces could be distracting to your neighbors.

Investing in a good pair of headphones is a simple and easy solution to help you avoid any distractions for yourself and others around you.

There are a lot of headphones in the market—vying to be perfect for office-wear and your in luck because we did all the research for you on finding the best headphones for you to use in your co-working space.

Types of Headphones

Before you choose a brand name, you should first figure out which type of headphones you need. The following are the various types of headphones that you can choose from:

Earphones: Also known as ear pods, in-ear headphones or earbuds are the most basic headphones that often come with an MP3 player or a smartphone. Apart from its ability to produce sound, earphones have great audio and other features.

Noise-cancelling Headphones: These headphones give you the best audio experience by canceling all the outside noise and interferences. The cushioned headbands and ear cups make these earphones comfortable enough to wear for a longer period of time while commuting, flying or working 8-hour workdays.

On-Ear Headphones: These headphones seek to provide the user with a deep and comfortable audio experience. There are a lot of on-ear headphones available on the market that focus on high-quality and rich sound.

Over-Ear Headphones: These headphones are better at blocking outside noise compared to the on-ear headphones because they cover the ear and leave less room for any noise interferences.

Over-ear headphones also provide more comfort compared to other headphones because they do not sit on the ear, making them suitable for a co working space and wearing for hours at a time.

Wireless Headphones: This is the most versatile set of headphones that you can have.

Bluetooth is the most common technology used to connect wireless headphones to other devices. This way, you can listen to music while your MP3 player or your phone is in your pocket without the interferences of pesky and tangling cords.

You can also connect these wireless headphones to a Bluetooth speaker. Most also have built-in mics that enable you to answer calls and carry on a conversation,hands-free by using your headphones.

Sports Headphones: Most people use music as a motivator when exercising—but can also be done at work. Sports headphones will remain secure when you are exercising or moving about the office since they’re designed specifically for this type of use.

Features to consider when choosing the best headphones

The following features will help you in purchasing the best headphones to use at your co-working space:

Bluetooth/Wireless: Wireless or Bluetooth headphones enable you to enjoy your audio without the need for a cable.

Most headphones use Bluetooth to connect to other devices wirelessly up to 10 meters.

This makes it easier and perfect to listen to music even when you are charging your phone at the other end of your working space.

Built-in Microphone: The built-in mic is a great feature to consider especially if you are using your smartphone with the headphones and need to answer work-related calls.

A built-in mic will enable you to answer calls without disconnecting your headphones by just touching a button.

Remote Control: If you have a built-in mic headphone, it will normally come with remote control. This feature will enable you to play, pause, skip and rewind what you are listening to.

Waterproof: This feature is normally available in most sports headphones.Designed with materials that are waterproof to prevent water and sweat from damaging your headphones through wear and tear, this is a great additional feature to have if you’re a sweater or if it rains quite often in your area.

Battery Life: Battery life is an important feature if you are investing in headphones.

Some headphones need to be charged during your workday while others use battery for power.

Depending on when and how you will use your headphones, a longer battery life may be a deciding factor.  

Cord Length and Type: Nowadays, there are two different types of cables—other than the cordless ones—the standard shape and the modern noodle shape which prevents the headphones from being tangled when stored in the bag.

Accessories to Consider

For you to have a better listening experience with your headphones, consider the following accessories:

Bluetooth speakers: If you are listening to music through the privacy of your headphones, Bluetooth speakers produce the best quality sound for any occasion.

Audio Cables: To improve your listening experiences, audio cables can help not only connect your headphones, they can also be transferred to a speaker.

Creating Your Own Space in a Co-working Space

The above features and type of headphones will help you in deciding on the best and suitable headphones for you to use at your co-working space.

The high-quality headphones with features such as Bluetooth and built-in mic will enable you to focus on your work and receive calls at the same time while having the best listening experience.

Now that you are informed on all the essentials and key features check out Verizon’s almost 100 options to choose from. You may find your perfect set. We hope our guide has helped you sort out which features are most important for you.

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