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5 Local Companies Using Alley DC’s Coworking Space

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Celebrating DC Coworking Partners

Washington, DC is more than just a center for legislation. The nation’s capital is also home to a wide variety of startups and businesses ranging from technology to entertainment. Being located in a city that is important to both those in the United States and those abroad, these companies have a global outlook and a strong commitment to ethical standards. Many of these businesses take advantage of the Alley coworking space DC, and we highlight a few of them here.

Business Utilizing Coworking Spaces

1. Transparentem

Transparentem is a non-profit that uses investigative journalism and forensics to increase sourcing transparency with the ultimate goal of eliminating human and environmental abuses in supply chains. They do this by first doing intense research into sources for certain companies. Then, they report any concerns to the company in question, asking the companies to take action and source responsibly. After a grace period, Transparentem follows up on any inaction by releasing information to a targeted list of contacts who can effect change, such as investors and regulators. Transparentem sees itself as a public service initiative or a sentinel with the goal of getting companies to truly source responsibly rather than making quick fixes that just serve to satisfy the media. Currently, Transparentem focuses on apparel, footwear, and accessories, and their investigations take on a global scale.

2. Jeenie

Have you ever been travelling and thought, “Gee, I really wish I had a translator in my pocket to help be out right now”? Enter Jeenie, an innovative app that features on-demand, live video chat with real, human translators. As technology makes the world ever smaller, the number of ways to take advantage of this service increases. These translators (called Language Jeenies) can help you learn a new language more quickly, get the most out of international travel, and effectively conduct business across borders. The app’s concept is simple. In under one minute, users are connected with a translator who meets their specific needs. All they need is a smartphone and data connectivity to get started!

3. Kerb Technology

Everyone knows advertising is important for growth, but companies often wonder which ads are the most effective for their business. Are there certain types of advertising or certain locations that make a stronger impression? Kerb helps businesses answer these questions through insights gathered with technology. They will place small cameras on any type of outdoor advertising and then measure the number of “impressions” made by those specific advertisements in real-time by counting the number of people who can see them. Clients can see what times, locations, and days their ads make the strongest impact. This information in then analyzed so that businesses can get the most exposure for their advertising budget.

4. Pelonkey

Pelonkey is an all-in-one entertainment solutions company that is changing the way events are done. Their team works closely with clients to understand their specific entertainment goals, brainstorm ideas that match their budget, manage all logistics, and ensure that the client’s end event exceeds expectations.  Pelonkey is run by individuals who are experienced in the entertainment business and have a commitment to high-standards and strong ethics. The company also boasts some unique offerings which include Music Interactive, which requires crowd participation to build creativity connections. This makes it perfect for events such as company retreats. Pelonkey also has DJ Chou Chou, which combines the modern DJ experience with a 1920s aesthetic, and Neekola Blü, a high-energy, themed event featuring music and acrobatic spectacles. In Pelonkey’s own words, they “live and breath FUN!”

5. Indiez

Not everyone is a tech-wizard, and not every company is taking advantage of the technological resources that could transform their organization. That’s where Indiez helps. Their business model is built on really getting to know clients and providing them with personalized technology solutions. They put together a custom-built team of the best hand-picked freelancers and companies all over the globe to create the client’s product. Indiez then manages the project while it is going on and is available for maintenance once it is done. They also teach clients how to use and get the most out of their tech solutions. Indiez certainly has an impressive resumé to show that their model works. They have successfully built and implemented solutions for big-name companies like Domino’s Pizza and Uber.

Washington, DC is the capital of the United States, but it is also turning into a startup capital. DC coworking space is becoming an ever growing community. The globally-focused, technologically-advanced, and socially responsible companies who use Alley coworking space DC are a testament to this fact. These varied organizations include non-profits that are exposing supply chain abuses, businesses that are creating client-based solutions for advertising, technology, and entertainment, and companies that are breaking down language barriers at the touch of a button. The organizations that use the coworking space in DC are helping to turn the United States capital into a central location for more than just legislation.

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