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For almost a decade Alley has managed space for the startup ecosystem. We help startups grow by connecting them to the right resources and opportunities.

We assist landlords by micro property management, minimizing risk with renting to sub tenants. As a landlord owning property should not be a risk, this should be an investment. You have the unique ability to provide one the most needed assets in growing a business, space.

With Alley you can collect your rent take advantage of companies growing into you larger portfolio locations.


Cost Containment

We help you find where you can cut costs. Analyzing what services and amenities make sense for your space and your members and find room to increase your revenue and decrease your management spend.

Member Onboarding

Partnering with Alley will provide all of your tenants with the tools, resources, and opportunities, Alley's community has access to. Onboarding your tentants onto Alley's systems will allow them to book conference rooms, connect with others, and more.

Billing & Finance Management

You don't need to waste your time in the nitty gritty of things. We will help bill your members on time and transfer finances to your account. Alley's Team will manage escrow accounts and invoicing services.

Space Management

Let us help you staff, maintain, and grow your spaces with the most best startups and small businesses within our community. From a front desk checkin to making sure your members have everything they need around the space.

What our partners are saying

I help foster the cutting edge work across our ecosystem of co-working communities and Innovation Centers. I’m fortunate enough to witness across them how education and the evolving needs of the workforce are creating new dynamics to build the talent of today and tomorrow.
Christian Guirnalda, Director of Verizon 5G Labs