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Weekend Warrior

Alley's Weekend Warrior Package

For those with a hustle on the side, a newproject, a weekend career as a freelancer, or just for those looking for aproductive office away from home: we introduce the Weekend Warrior, anexclusive membership option by Alley. The weekend warrior is perfect for thosewith a 9 to 5 job, who are working towards their dreams and projects on theside.

·        Only $20 per day

·        Pay as you gomembership

·        24/7 access to aproductive workspace

Become a Weekend Warrior

If you are one who hustles, moonlights, or you are ready to take your projects and ideas and connect with creators, entrepreneurs, and innovators, you too can have access to Alley’s community and thrive.

Alley’s Weekend Warrior is a flexible membership that lets you pay as you go. A unique membership option for:

·      Night Owls

·       Weekend Hustlers

·       Part-Time Hustlers

Move from the coffee shops and home office space, and join a community of collaborators in a workspace area designed to spark creativity and productivity so you can achieve whatever it is you are working on. Access any open desk in the common area. Our Weekend Warrior membership gives you the opportunity to connect with the Alley community. Perfect for those who need flexible options, become a Weekend Warrior today.


Join Our Alley Community

Welcome to the Alley Community; a group of doers, creators, innovators, and thinkers. With the Weekend Warrior membership, for only $20 per day, you can pay as you go to unlock flexibility over your projects. Your membership is on your terms. With full access to the Alley community, you can take your ideas to the next level. Step beyond your working space and join an empowering community of innovators, entrepreneurs, and creators ready to expand their ideas and reach their goals while helping and connecting with other Weekend Warriors, like you.

Meet Entrepreneurs & Creators

Within our Alley community you will meet journalists, app developers, side hustlers, and everyone in between. We built our community of entrepreneurs and creators to help everyone grow and expand their ideas. Alley offers a unique working space that provides you the necessary tools to succeed in your entrepreneurial journey.

Collaborate, Connect & Expand

Being in the Alley community means you are in the center of all connections. With your Weekend Warrior membership, you get the opportunity to meet other side hustlers and collaborate, connect, and expand on your ideas. More than giving you access to a coworking space, your Alley membership opens the door to new opportunities.

Alley Events

With your Weekend Warrior membership, you get the chance to be in the know about the latest Alley events. Tap into exclusive access to conferences, seminars, webinars, lectures, and other coveted events scheduled by Alley through our community of creators and innovators.

Weekend Warrior Membership All-Inclusive Amenities
With a Weekend Warrior membership pass you get access to our all-inclusive office spaces that include everything you need to succeed. Our all-inclusive amenities include:

High-Speed Internet Access - Stay connected no matter what with out secure Wi-Fi connection.

Office Supplies - From printing to paper shredding and every other office supply you might need, your workstation has all you need to stay productive and operational.

Unique Common Areas - Every corner of our Alley coworking spaces are designed to spark creativity and productivity.

Complimentary Refreshments - Enjoy a refreshing cup of tea or keep yourself fueled with a freshly brewed cup of coffee.

Staff Assistance - Our onsite staff is always there to support you with your needs and helping you succeed in our community.

Private Phone Booths - Enjoy a private space to make phone calls and video calls so you can discuss your business ideas in a completely private setting.

Nursing Room - Our Alley coworking spaces offer a Wellness Room with anything expecting and new moms need in a private and comfortable setting.