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Shared Desk

Alley's Shared Desk

Our shared desk gives you a working space with access to any open desk and common areas. Be a member of the Alley community and expand your ideas in a creative environment. Our shared desk is the ultimate working space for:

  • Students
  • Freelancers
  • Teams of 1-3

Your New Working Space

Our shared office space gives you the opportunity to work alongside other members of the Alley community. A working space perfect for those who need flexible access to a productive workspace, but not necessarily a private office. With your shared coworking space you choose your primary Alley location, you bring your computer and ideas, you pick any open seat in our common areas, start working, and leave the rest to us. Having the option to choose a new working space each day means a new opportunity to connect with other creators and entrepreneurs who can become a future collaborator to expand your business.

Access Members enjoy 24/7 access through exclusive key cards.

Location Shared desks are available at all Alley locations.

Shared Desk

Join Our Community of Creators & Entrepreneurs

A Shared workspace just for you, where you can develop your business and connect with future collaborators in an open environment that fosters creativity, productivity, and expansion. Explore all the benefits of connecting with other Alley members. Discover the excitement of a new working space each day, as you continue working towards your goals.

Creators & Entrepreneurs

We’re creators, we’re business people, we’re startups, and we’re HQs. Our working community brings in experts from all fields - from journalists to app developers, our creative community is here to support you and your ideas.

Connect & Collaborate

Our shared office space provides you with a unique opportunity to join a community of creators. A new desk each day gives you the chance to connect and collaborate with a new creator. Build upon your ideas, expand your reach, and conquer new goals, we’re here to help.


More than a working space, we foster a community of self-improvement at Alley. From networking sessions, conferences, seminars, and open forums our members have access to exclusive events without leaving the office.

Shared Desk All-Inclusive Amenities
Enjoy a working space that offers you the support to help you advance and thrive in whatever you’re working on. Whether its a new business or a school project, our shared coworking offices will hand you the right tools you need. Our locations offer all-inclusive amenities including:

High-Speed Internet – Stay connected always with protected Wi-Fi connection and ongoing IT support.

Printing & Office Supplies – Get access to office supplies, business-class printers, and a paper shredder for your business needs.

Unique Common Areas – The heart and soul of Alley are our unique common areas designed to boost productivity and creativity while giving you a sense of community.

Complimentary Refreshments – From coffee to tea and cereals, enjoy complimentary refreshments at our common areas.

Onsite Staff – Our team is always there to support you. From front-desk assistance to mail handling, an Alley team member will be there to help.

Private Phone Booths – Take your shared space private when you need to make a private conversation in our comfortable and soundproof phone booths.

Weekly Catered Lunch – Don’t worry about lunch options, we got it covered. Enjoy a delicious lunch with other members of our community.

Nursing Room – Our Wellness Rooms are designed with everything expecting and new mothers need in a private, comfortable, and charming setting.

Shared Desk: Verizon Perks
Thanks to our exclusive partnership with Verizon, Alley can bring in large corporation resources to all of our members, including those with a shared desk. From exclusive discounts with Verizon partners to the right tools to expand your new business with:

Verizon APIs including MapQuest - Easy-to-use geospatial APIs to help you build great experiences and connect your business.

Access to Verizon ThingSpace Platform - Analyze connectivity for IoT devices on the Verizon Wireless Network.

ENVRMNT AR Designer Kit - With AR techniques to overlay your branded content on the real world.

5G Trial Access - Get exclusive access to experience the next technology for high-speed Internet.

Exclusive Verizon Wireless Discounts - Discounts on targeted tools to help you build your business.

Access to Verizon Mentorship - Learn from top Verizon specialist to help you take your business and ideas to the next level.

Device Location - Monitor all eligible mobile assets to help you plan effective shipping routes and estimate arrival times.

Software Management Services - Experience ThingSpace for modules, which allows customers to host, manage, schedule, and distribute baseband firmware to eligible 4G and OMA-DM devices.

Personal Cloud Storage - Connect to the Verizon Cloud to help you retrieve contacts, documents, photos, and more.

Business at Alley

Business at Alley goes beyond the workspace. All of our members enjoy exclusive perks to power their ideas and reach for bigger goals. From work to lifestyle, Alley members enjoy many benefits of being part of our community. Our community powers the businesses at Alley.

Business Development Services

Introducing Alley Services, a new way to power our members. As you continue to grow, Alley Services will be your strategic partner to have access to exclusive resources in specialized areas such as event management, marketing, digital development, and recruiting. Learn more about how Alley Services can benefit you and your business.

Member Perks

As a member of the Alley coworking community, you’ll get access to exclusive discounts and promotions from over 100 local restaurants and business in your area via our exclusive Alley’s PerkHub program.