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Private Office

Alley's Private Office

Enjoy a space entirely of your own, but still be a part of the Alley working community. A unique private office space for you and your team to collaborate, envision, and work towards taking your business to the next level. Our private offices are always open for:

  • Startups & Small Businesses
  • Teams of 3 – 20+
  • Growing companies

Your New Office

Take your business to the next level. For those teams looking for more privacy, our private office space plans provide you with a space of your own, while your team can still reap the rewards of being a part of the Alley community. Private offices are fully furnished with desks, chairs, and filing cabinets, and are fully customizable to match your company’s culture. Our private office lets you grow your team easily with our customizable walls that adapt as your team expands. Enjoy all the perks of working in a community, with everything you and your team need to make your space yours.

Access Members have 24/7 access to our locations through personalized key cards.

Location Private Offices are available at all Alley locations.

Private Office

Join Our Community of Entrepreneurs & Creators

Welcome to your new private workspace, where you and your team can expand your business behind closed doors and still enjoy all the benefits of connecting with others in the Alley community.

Entrepreneurs & Creators

Whether you’re an app developer, an up-and-coming fashion designer, a journalist, or the CEO of a startup company, we’re all here. The Alley community is here to help you take your success to the next level.

Connect & Collaborate

Our private offices spaces provide you with a quiet and private place to take your business to the next level. But, being part of a community means your business has the opportunity to connect and collaborate with others in the community to reach new goals together.


From seminars to open forums and networking sessions, you get to choose from a variety of events without ever leaving the office. Our community always has something to learn, to teach, and new people to meet.

Private Office All-Inclusive Amenities
A working space that provides your team with the support to help your business advance and thrive. Our private offices are available with all-inclusive amenities including:

High-Speed Internet – Stay connected with high-speed internet via Ethernet or secure Wi-Fi. Our private Offices enjoy on-going IT support and guest log-in functionalities.

Printing & Office Supplies – Each work area has its space stocked with office supplies, a paper shredder, and business-class printers available for your business.

Unique Common Areas – The soul of our locations are our spacious and unique common areas designed to spark creativity, productivity, and comfort.

Customizable Walls – As your team grows, our private offices grow with you thanks to customizable walls that can expand as your business does.

Weekly Catered Lunch – Enjoy a delicious lunch with your team and other members of our working community.

Complimentary Refreshments – Enjoy a delicious cup of coffee in the morning, a cup of tea, and other complimentary refreshments to keep you powered throughout the day.

Onsite Staff – Even within your private office, our team is there for you whenever you need them. From front-desk assistance to mail handling and personalized support, an Alley team member is always there.

Private Phone Booths – With soundproofed rooms, you can get a comfortable office for conducting calls and video chats as you plan your next steps.

Cleaning Services – Our cleaning crew works around the clock to make sure all common areas, meeting rooms, and private office spaces look their best.

Nursing Room – Our wellness room has everything expecting and new mothers need in a comfortable and private setting.

Private Office: Verizon Perks
With our exclusive partnership with Verizon, Alley brings large corporation resources to all of our members. Expand your business with:

Verizon APIs including MapQuest - Explore the easy-to-use Mapquest feature to help you connect your business and build great experiences for your customers.

Access to Verizon ThingSpace Platform - An exclusive connectivity management tool to help you monitor usage, analyze connectivity, and provision service for your business.

Device Location - Track mobile assets to help you plan effective routes and estimate arrival times.

Software Management Services - ThingSpace for modules allows customers to host, manage, schedule, and distribute baseband firmware to eligible devices.

Personal Cloud Storage - Enable Verizon Cloud to help you retrieve contacts, documents, photos, and more.

ENVRMNT AR Designer Kit - See for yourself how AR techniques can help you overlay your branded content on the real world with this easy-to-use, web-based design tool.

5G Trial Access - Be part of the select group to experience the power of the Verizon 5G Network.

Exclusive Verizon Wireless Discounts - From website development discounts to products and entertainment discounts.

Access to Verizon Mentorship - Join the conversation and learn from Verizon specialists to help you grow your business and ideas.

Business at Alley

Alley goes beyond the workspace. Alley members enjoy a range of amenities and exclusive perks to power their company and reach for new levels. From work to lifestyle and everything in between, Alley members enjoy the many benefits of being part of our community.

Business Development Services

Introducing our services: As you grow your business, Alley Services will be there to deliver access to resources in specialized areas when you need them. Alley members receive personalized and premium experience with event management, recruiting, marketing, and digital development. Learn more about Alley Services.

Member Perks

Support your business and your team with exclusive discounts and promotions from over 100 local businesses and restaurants via Alley’s PerkHub.