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Dedicated Desk

Alley’s Dedicated Desk

Welcome to your new dedicated coworking office space. Just for you or a small team, our Dedicated Desks give you access to our common areas while you can count on your desk space being available to you 24/7. Become a member of the Alley community and expand your business capabilities in a creative environment that fosters improved achievements. Our Dedicated Desk is the ideal coworking space for:

  • Collaborators
  • Solopreneurs
  • Small Agencies & Teams of 1-3

Your New Dedicated Working Space

Our Dedicated Desk plan allows you to have a permanent office location. With your Dedicated Desk, you and your team can come to work and collaborate from the same desk every day. Our dedicated desk areas include chairs, a trash can, and lockable filing cabinets. With our Dedicated Desk plan, you have a working station waiting for you every day, so you can start making your space feel like home and expand your business. With our Dedicated Desk, you enjoy all the benefits of our coworking community, while you cherish the perks of having a space you can call yours.

Access Members have 24/7 access through personalized key cards.

Location Find a Dedicated Desk in our Washington D.C., Financial District, Cambridge, and 5G Lab locations.

Dedicated Desk

Join Our Community of Entrepreneurs & Creators

A dedicated working space in a coworking office, our community is built to help you connect and collaborate with other members to help develop your business. Benefit from connecting with other Alley members, while returning to your workplace every day. Feel part of the community, turn our common areas into your office, and be sure you’ll have access to all the tools you'll need to continue expanding your business and reaching your goals.

Entrepreneurs & Creators

The Alley community is all of us, from journalists to app developers and everyone in between. Our community of members is built on creators and entrepreneurs, just like you. By fostering a close community, Alley offers you a unique coworking office space that provides you with the tools to succeed in your business.

Connect & Collaborate

Be the center of connections. With your Dedicated Desk, other members will know exactly where to find you for connection and collaboration ideas. Your new working space will become the center for your new collaborations as your business continues to grow and expand thanks to the Alley community.


A few steps away from your working station, you and your team members will have exclusive access to seminars, lectures, conferences, and other events scheduled by Alley to power our members to achieve greatness without ever leaving their offices.

Dedicated Desk with All-Inclusive Amenities
Our Dedicated Desk members also count with an all-inclusive office space that includes everything they need to succeed. Located within our coworking office spaces, our Dedicated Desks offer all-inclusive amenities, such as:

High-Speed Internet – Never lose your connection with our secure Wi-Fi connection and ongoing IT support.

Printing & Office Supplies – From business-class printers to a paper shredder and extensive office supplies, your workstation has access to everything you need to stay operational.

Unique Common Areas – The real heart and soul of the Alley community, our unique common areas are designed to spark productivity and creativity, while still harnessing that sense of community that makes us, well, us.

Complimentary Refreshments – Enjoy complimentary coffee, tea, and treats in our common area.

Onsite Staff – To stay in business you need the right support. A member of the Alley team is always on site to support you with front-desk assistance of mail handling, whatever you need, they’ll be there to help.

Private Phone Booths – Even though your Dedicated Desk may feel enclosed, you’re still in an open setting. Our private phone booths give you the privacy you need to make phone calls and video calls to discuss business ideas in a private setting.

Weekly Catered Lunch – Once a week, enjoy a lunch meeting with the Alley community. Enjoy a delicious meal while you connect with other members in our common area.

Nursing Room – Our carefully designed Wellness Room offers everything expecting and new mothers need in a comfortable and private setting.

Dedicated Desk: Verizon Perks
With our strategic partnership with Verizon, we’re able to bring large company resources to small teams at Alley. Make the most out of your Designated Desk working space with exclusive resources including:

Verizon APIs including MapQuest – Access to MapQuest to connect your business and provide a great user experience.

Access to Verizon ThingSpace Platform – Experience ThingSpace a platform of connectivity management to help you provision services, monitor usage, and analyze connectivity.

ENVRMNT AR Designer Kit – With the AR Designer you can see your branded content on the real world in real time to help you build powerful AR experiences.

5G Trial Access – Experience the power and the speed on the latest Internet technology brought to you by Verizon.

Device Location – Unlock the ability to track your mobile assets to help you plan effective shipping routes and provide customers with estimate arrival times.

Software Management Services – With ThingSpace for modules, you can effectively host, manage, schedule, and distribute baseband firmware to eligible devices.
there to help.

Personal Cloud Storage – With the powerful Verizon Cloud you and your team can retrieve contacts, documents, photos, and more, anywhere in the world.

Exclusive Verizon Wireless Discounts – Get access to exclusive discounts to help you grow your ideas and business.our common area.

Access to Verizon Mentorship – Learn business and creative tactics first hand from Verizon specialists.

Business at Alley

At Alley, we go beyond the workspace to help you power your business. As your company continues expanding, the Alley platform is all about providing you and your team with the right tools to keep growing and reach higher and bigger goals. Thanks to Alley Services, our members have access to unique resources in specialized areas going from event management to recruiting and digital services.

Business Development Services

With Alley services, we’re able to power our community to reach for more. As your business continues to grow, Alley Services will become your strategic partner to unlock access to specialized resources in services such as event management, marketing, recruiting, and digital development. Learn more about Alley Services.

Member Perks

Members of the Alley community have access to promotions and exclusive discounts from over 100 local businesses, including gyms, restaurants, and more. All of these business perks for you and your team are available through our exclusive Alley’s PerkHub program.