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Day Pass

Day Pass Membership

Step out of the coffee shops and step into a collaborative community to drive your business. Join us for the day with our Day Pass at any Alley workspace location. Experience the Alley workspace for one day and see what makes our creative spaces and collaborative community unique. This is an option that allows you

- Only $25 per da

- Access from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

- Pay as you go membership

Join Us for the Day

If you’re looking for a productive workspace environment to step away from the coffee shop and join a community of doers, innovators, creators, entrepreneurs, and more, join us for the day. And maybe you'll decide to stay for more days. Access an open co-working space area. Our Day pass gives you the chance to connect and collaborate with the Alley community. Step into a workspace designed to spark productivity, creativity, and connectivity so you can take your ideas and projects to the next level.

Alley’s Day Pass is flexible, letting you pay as you go. An affordable option for those looking to try Alley before they join, this is the best option for:

- Creatives

- Contractors

- Freelancers

Day Pass

Meet The Alley Community

Even if you’re joining us for one day, we want to welcome you to the Alley community. For only $25 per day, you can join a community of doers, thinkers, and entrepreneurs. Get full access to the Alley community for one day and see for yourself what makes us different.

Meet with Entrepreneurs & Creators

From accountants, journalists to app developers and everyone in between. Our community of members is built around thriving creators and entrepreneurs, just like you. Alley's unique coworking office space provides you the tools you need to succeed in your business - starting with the community.

Start Connecting & Collaborating

Be at the center of all connections. With your Day Pass membership you get to connect and collaborate ideas with other Alley members. Your new access to Alley will become the center for your new collaborations as your business continues to grow and expand thanks to our amazing community.

Coveted Events

Be in the loop about our coveted events scheduled by Alley. Power your entrepreneurial journey and continue to grow. From lectures, seminar, and exclusive conferences our Alley coworking spaces are the hub to the most coveted events in the area.

Alley's All-Inclusive Amenities
The Alley Day Pass gives you access to more than our collaborative community. With the Day Pass, you step into a workspace suited to take your business or projects to the next level with:

High-Speed Internet – Stay online with our secure Wi-Fi connection and ongoing IT support.

Printing & Office Supplies – Enjoy access to business-class printers and extensive office supplies. You will find everything you need to stay operational in our coworking spaces.

Unique Common Areas – Designed to spark productivity and creativity, while still harnessing that sense of community that makes us, well, us.

Complimentary Refreshments – Enjoy complimentary cup of tea, stay fueled throughout the day with coffee, and have a treat on us.

Onsite Staff – Part of Alley team is always on site to support you with front-desk assistance.

Private Phone Booths – Make a private phone call or video call from our enclosed phone booths.