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A Connected Platform for the New Economy

More Than Coworking Space

Connecting you to workspace, community, services, resources, events, news, and more.
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Our Mission

Creating a business is a lifestyle.

Entrepreneurship is no longer something you have separate from your everyday life but is a reflection of your passions, skills, networks, and drive. Alley is the platform to build your success.

Diversity, innovation, technology ARE changing our society.

We are in the midst of the next industrial revolution, where businesses are working together for the greater good lead by technological innovation and a growing emphasis on diversity. Alley brings together a community of like-minded Progressives.

Enterprises succeed in positive spaces.

Supportive and encouraging environments are crucial to success. At Alley, we encourage people to do their best, push their boundaries and support them through our events, resources, and by creating a positive and nurturing environment.

We are stronger as a community.

Sharing knowledge, strategically networking and supporting businesses, we can support our community and members to grow. At Alley, we produce real-life content and shine the light on forward-thinking creators. We provide office space, services, and help to develop your ideas into a reality.

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