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Alley's CEO and Founder, Jason Saltzman, is a seasoned entrepreneur with a background in business development, sales, brand marketing, and technology, and has been mentoring, advising and investing in small businesses for over a decade. An advocate for mental health and believer in thoughtful innovation, Jason is passionate about curating progressive communities and inspiring positive change.

In his new column on, Founder’s Findings, he will address a variety of topics and issues based on his years of experience as an industry leader and entrepreneur.


Some of our founder's findings...

The Essential Lesson Personal Loss Has Taught Me About Running a Business

Tragedy can happen to anyone, at any time. A recent personal loss has taught me a valuable lesson about finding positivity and harnessing it for business success.


Imposter Syndrome Almost Ruined My Career Until I Learned How to Own It

It is not uncommon to doubt your accomplishments. Jason shares these 4 ways you can start overcoming Imposter Syndrome, especially if you are a leader in your company


Adam Neumann Is Proof That High Valuations and Big Fundraising Deals Don't Equal Leadership Success

There are some priceless lessons for founders in any industry that can be learned from the way Adam Neumann operated WeWork.